Social Plastic A Way To Control Pollution In Our Waterways

Dated: 01/25/2018

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(This is off the usual real estate topic but I thought it would be a cool innovative idea to watch.)

     Our waterways have way too much plastic.  That plastic is contaminating our environment.  Our environment, our plants, animals and us.  And we are all effected by the way we are treating our planet.  The utilization and creation of plastic is massive.  The plastic that get into our water ways are killing our environment. 

    The link is from  TEDTalk .  I loved it.  I wanted to share the idea of monetizing the World's recyclable plastic.  This is an 11 minute talk.  It's an interesting method on how to use our garbage -- the plastic that is discarded and get into our water.  How wonderful to be able to use this discarded plastic as a method of trade, a way to make money and help the less fortunate at the same time.  See below for some explanation, then watch.

Can we solve the problem of ocean plastic pollution and end extreme poverty at the same time? That's the ambitious goal of The Plastic Bank: a worldwide chain of stores where everything from school tuition to cooking fuel and more is available for purchase in exchange for plastic garbage -- which is then sorted, shredded and sold to brands who reuse "social plastic" in their products. Join David Katz to learn more about this step towards closing the loop in the circular economy. "Preventing ocean plastic could be humanity's richest opportunity," Katz says. 

About David Katz - watch video from Jan. 2018  -

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