Happy International Womens Day

Dated: 03/08/2018

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"International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It commemorates the movement for women's rights. March 8 was suggested by the 1910 International Socialist Woman's Conference to become an "International Woman's Day."

Happy International Women’s Day – what this day means to me…..

I am a Mother of two beautiful daughters with the World at their feet.  It’s amazing how far us women have gone over the decades, but we are still not quite there.  The #Metoo movement has done a lot most recently to put women equality into the forefront.  The movement never really went away but the voices weren’t as strong.  Now women are gaining their strength to speak up. Women still have odds to overcome.  I would like to give a shout out to some really great things women have done.  Kudos to these fabulous women that have opened doors for us now and into the future.   These are just the tip of the iceberg of the great accomplishments and milestones for women.

1903 – Marie Curie becomes the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize.

1909 – The first National Women’s Day observed in the United States.

1912 – The Girls Scouts of America was founded.

1916 - Margaret Sanger opens first birth-control clinic in the United States

1920 – Women in the US were given the right to vote.

1921- Edith Wharton is the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize

1923 - Activist Alice Paul proposes the Equal Rights Amendment for the first time

1928 - Amelia Earhart is the first woman to cross the Atlantic in an airplane

1933 - Frances Perkins becomes the first female member of a Presidential cabinet

1942 – Women serve in the armed forces during World War II

1943 - The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League becomes the first professional baseball league for female players

1955 – Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama

1963 -  Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space

1966 - The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded :)

1973 – Billy Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in the tennis championship dubbed “The Battle of the Sexes”

1977 - Janet Guthrie is the first woman to drive in the Indy 500

1981 - President Ronald Reagan nominates Sandra Day O’Connor to be the first woman on the Supreme Court

1982 -  Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya becomes the second woman to travel in space

1983 - Sally Ride become the first AMERICAN woman in space. 20 years and 2 days after Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. ;)

1994 – Congress passes the Violence against Women’s Act.

1997 - Madeleine Albright becomes the first female Secretary of State

2010 - Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director

2016 - Hillary Clinton becomes first female presidential nominee of a major party

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