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Dated: 02/12/2018

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Yoga is a practice that is over 5000 years old.  It is a reliable source of maintaining calm, balance and alleviating body aches & pains while becoming more flexible.  It’s a fabulous way of sustaining a healthy body, mind and soul.

The practice has been a huge part of my life for the last seven years.  As a Realtor, it has helped me immensely.  Yoga helps me keep a good energy level daily.  I feel strong.  I have increased flexibility.  And the BEST part is that it has helped me keep a good calm attitude about situations that arise in Real Estate sales.

Real Estate has been my profession since 1992.  I absolutely love it.  I love to help buyers and sellers reap the rewards that Real Estate can offer.  I have seen ups and downs in the marketplace through the years.  I have dealt with different buyers and sellers in some of the most trying of negotiations or difficult transactions.  Yoga, is my go to for the de-stress factor that it offers.   If I can’t have a good mental attitude to keep things together, then I cannot be effective to my clients. 

Now, I take this yoga philosophy towards the Home Buyer side in this Seller’s Market.  Buyers I feel your pain in being able to buy the right house for your budget and needs.  I have been in Open House lately where there are dozens of buyers looking at the same home.  There is low inventory in many areas of the country with more than enough buyers for these homes.   A way different story from a few years ago.  Both extremes to a market can always produce challenges.  Back then buyers were taking their time looking, many didn’t qualify, and some were watching the direction of the economy before taking the plunge in Real Estate.  Many were afraid of being burned like sellers in the recent recession which began a little over 10 years ago.

In 2018, a much different story with a pool of buyers that are ready to roll.  You do all the right things, you plan your budget for a home, you get a pre-approval, you find the right agent to help you buy the home of your dreams.  You’re ready to roll and very excited to find that perfect home.  Home buyers are looking in droves for homes priced between $175,000 - $400,000.  This price point for example has loads of competition for the same home.  You find the right home, once, twice and maybe a 3rd, you are frustrated, discouraged because you have come across bidding wars and still lose the house to a higher bidder. 

Please don’t give up on your dreams.  You will find the right home.  I would like to suggest handling your frustration with yoga while you continue to find the perfect property.  There are many ways to handle the frustration without losing your determination to obtain the right home for you.  Maybe it’s running, swimming, knitting, walking your dogs, etc.  Would you consider trying a different approach to handling that stress?   Become more in tune with how your body is feeling inside and outside.  Become centered and create a more dynamic and vital you.  Image gaining the energy to tackle the house hunting like a warrior at peace while finding the perfect home.

If you have physical ailments issues with your legs, back, spine issues you DON’T want to try these poses. Yoga shouldn’t hurt you in practice.  Some poses will help you get a good stretch to help relieve tension in the body.    Below are a few poses below that can help become centered, calm and energized for the next house hunt for the house for your needs.  Below a few poses to take the edge off. 

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First thing, find a quiet place in your home.  Start in an easy pose.   In yoga speak this pose is called “Sukhasana”   Sit in a nice easy seated position with your legs crossed in the way most comfortable to you.  Sit up straight, feel grounded, put your hands on your knees down to feel more grounded or palm up to receive the energy.  Or you can touch your index finger to your thumb to create the mudra of patience before you begin your breathing.   Start to breathe in through your nose and out through the nose.  Clear your mind of worry, stress and anxiety, begin thinking of peace, prosperity and bountiful thoughts.  Keep breathing as your take the negativity from your being by clearing our the bad, infusing the good, positive vibes as you continue to breathe and get more relaxed.  Try this practice for 15 breathes.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale……..

After the breathing exercise, open your eyes.  Then start warming up with some side bends.  “Parsva Sukhasana”  Side bends lengthen the abdominal muscles, hips, and thigh muscles, while improving flexibility in the spine. Remain seated, eyes open, extend one arm up and bend to the side while the other arm is on the floor supporting you.  Reach the other arm overhead as if you were reaching towards the other side of the room.  Not to strain but to stretch, lean to one side.  Hold that pose for 3 breathes, then repeat the same on the side of you body. 

The breathing, the stretching should help you feel more open.  So now what you want to do is stand up, stretch and reach.  Put your arms together, fingers touching, keep your legs and tummy engaged then stretch for 3 breathes to the right, then 3 breathes to the left.  As you continue to breath and continue to stretch you will undergo a physical and energetic journey prepping for the house hunt.  This pose helps your back, your torso, your shoulders.  Shoulders for many is a great place for stress to linger.

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Next step, stand up head first, arms over head take a breath, bend down “Uttanasana”. Just let your hands hang to touch the floor if you can.  Legs can be slightly bent if it feels better.  Then for a better stretch, straighten your back by putting your hands on your shins, look forward, take a breath, fold and release again, then roll up slowly to a stand head first.  Take a pause for a few moments in “Tadasana” Mountain pose. Breathe, then just relax.   Your back should start feeling like it’s loosening up. 

Now you are ready, Down-Ward Dog time.  “Adho mukha śvānāsana pose” Once more time put your hands to the ground.  Put your feet back, until you form an upside-down V.  Make movements that make you feel good, breath, stretch, bend each leg one at a time for a minute or two.   

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Your legs are starting to feel nice and limber, next pose you’ll be doing is stretching each back, up behind you on at a time. First the right leg “Three Legged Dog”, take it down, then the left leg, take it down.  You are again gaining a little more elasticity in the back of your legs.  If your going to be looking for a house with you agent, you may not be ready to the ups, downs and constant in and out of your cars to look at homes over a weekend.  Consider it a great stretch before you hit the pavement, excited and ready to find the right place. 

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Keep breathing, some people forget to breath while doing poses.  The breath is important.  While in Downward Dog kick up your leg back into Three Legged Dog to give yourself a little momentum then move your foot forward to reach the front of your mat.  Starting with the right leg.  After your foot is forward, you feel ready, raise your upper body, your knee will remain bend over your ankle.  Your right foot will be turned slightly left.  Both legs in a wide stance with your back foot in alignment with the foot right foot turned slightly out to the right about 90 degrees.   The knee cap should be aligned with the center of the ankle.  Your upper body should be level, settle into the pose, hips level, pelvis neutral, legs firm, straight back, lifted shoulder blades down the back, energy through the spine, though the heart, flowing through the fingertips.  Stand like this for about a minute, then switch sides.  This is a great pose to stretch the Leg, Shoulder, Thorax, Ankle, Groin, Lung and should increase stamina.  The pose was named after a fierce warrior.   The pose is called Warrior 2 or “Virabhadrasana II”

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After you finish up both sides, sit back down in the easy seat position “Sukhasana” Repeat the breathing as you did in the beginning of the practice.  Put your hands together in a prayer, close your eyes and picture yourself buying the home of your dreams.  Gratitude for the patience and learning experience it has been in finding the home of your dreams.  Remember, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.   See yourself moving in and being happy.  Bow down in gratitude, open your eyes and your ready to make things happen.  Happy House Hunting, believe in your dreams ……

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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog….and when you practice make sure your dog isn’t practicing with you.  Namaste’


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